Nick Palazzo Profile

Nick Palazzo is a digital artist from Baltimore, MD, pursuing a career in the game design industry.

There are many reasons why we enjoy fantasy, be it escapism, role playing, fascination or just plain enjoyment - we all enjoy things of the past, and have wished at some point we could have added on to it - been part of history - been in a bard's tale, seen the wonders of a new world, feeling that fear, wonderment; that life that a sense of adventure gives.
In my works I attempt to capture some of the mystical nature of adventure, of the past, and of ages gone. It is my hope that, through works of fiction, we can continue our everyday lives feeling as important as that new world explorer, as heroic as that knight in shining armor, or as memorable as a playwright's final work - imagining and pretending, just like children.

I have many artists both past and present I look to for guidance, reference, style and technique. However, to name just a few modern day artists;
Ben Wooten, Jordan Grimmer, Craig Oats, Noah Bradley, Natalia Ponce, WLOP, and Sven Sauer.

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